Nutritional and Herbal Consulting Program for Your Pet

healthy dog laying on grass

I look forward to bringing your pets to a place of wellness.

For over a decade I have worked with my clients to eliminate health concerns for their dogs and cats.  Simple nutritional and herbal shifts with our animals can create major health changes for them.  For many of our pets they are suffering with digestive disorders, skin problems; they’re plagued with crystals and are suffering with arthritis.  I invite you to call and have a 15 minute get acquainted session with me so we can determine if we should work together.

 ”Our German Shepherd was diagnosed with cancer, with at most 6 months to live, according to the vets. It was in his bones, they suggested radiation and other intrusive procedures. We declined and turned to Bonnie, an herbalist who significantly improved his quality of life. You would have no idea that he was sick. Konto and Connie 8-05 He was able to live another two healthy,  happy years, protecting and loving our family. The regimen was simple, tinctures daily on his food, and herbal supplements given to him on a spoon of peanut butter. He was happy to oblige because he knew the herbs were helping him, I could see the thankfulness in his eyes. Thanks to Bonnie we were able to have him around (healthy) for two more Christmas’s, birthdays, and life celebrations.  My mom is still heartbroken over the loss of him, he was her baby.

We so genuinely appreciate your help.  He was our boy so the care that you gave him really meant the world to us.

Thanks Bonnie. :)

K Harb, California

Please fill out the Pet Questionnaire either now or after our get acquainted session.  If you feel that the information will help our discovery session, than please fill it in, just please mention in it that this in in preparation for our call.

Once it is submitted I will review it and either email you or call you (whichever you choose) to let you know if I can help you. You will be able to upload blood work and any any other information that you think I need to evaluate whether we can work together.  If you prefer to fax any information, the fax number is 914-941-3947.

dog outside in the waterFor many years, Bruce Debaun and I ran the The Pet Health and Nutrition Center.   Bruce has since retired and it has been integrated into my current practice.  Working with and helping your pets to a place of wellness makes this all worthwhile.  I so look forward to assisting you in bringing them to a place of wellness.


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